Saturday, May 26, 2012

Peaks and Troughs

A lot has went by since the last time I was here. I remember wanting to start out 2012 with a brand new perspective in life and just be happy with whatever was blessed my way. Five months later, I have having the worst moment of my life, struggling to handle everything with care before all of it starts tumbling down. Sometimes you wished life has a warning signal, to inform you of any impending danger that you will be facing so that you can be prepared for anything.

But that's what life is - it throws you into the most dangerous situations, and you fight your way through life and come out a stronger person. That is what I'll be. A fighter. A stronger person. Me. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

My conversation with Steven Lim

So I was walking to the bus interchange today as usual on my way home and I got stopped by Steven Lim. I'm sure all of you knows him cause he is "famous and owns a BMW" (as told by him). Having seen him a few times before at different places scouting for models, he has not once approached me. However, today he decided to. Being curious, I decided to stay on and hear what he has to say.

There were many things he talked about during the whole conversation, but of course his main intention was so that I could join his modelling agency, if you could call that one, at a flat fee of $100. That simple. Everything aft er that will be settled by him. What I find interesting was what was mentioned in between the introduction of his modelling agency and the request of upfront payment of $100:

1. He's rich and drives a BMW.
He probably said this like 4-5 times? I don't know what he is trying to imply - that he can afford luxury stuff? Or that his popularity brought him there? Either way, whenever he said that, I swear my eyes casually glazed over. My uncle drives a BMW too. Do I look like I care? Doubt so. Then he went on showing me some letters from Mediacorp and payslips that apparently his trophies have gotten.

2. He said I could act.
His next question was whether I could act, and being the natural Singaporean I said no. From there, he said that when I said no I am already acting. I don't know if he is trying to play some reversal games on me or what but it sure as hell was not working. I know I could act, cause throughout the whole conversation I acted like I really am interested in what he was about to say, and that sure worked.

3. He said I have a nice smile.
This, in my honest opinion, is nothing surprising. I am not being thick-skinned here, but there are some things that you know you are certain of. It's like if you have a sharp nose, and people say that, you are not going to act as though you are so humble you can't take compliments. Everyone has their own set of characteristics that are beautiful, so does mine :)

4. He likened my dress sense to a style of a "megastar"
I was wearing my colourful plaid shirt (which might have been the reason why that caught his attention) and so he said that my audacity to wear bright and colourful colours makes me a "megastar". Megastar? Seriously? What does that even mean?

5. I looked like Xavier Ong.
I had no idea who that was until I went to Google him and voila!

Do I look like him? I doubt so. I am definitely not saying that he's not good looking or I am not good looking. I just don't see how Steven Lim can derive that both this guy in the pic and me look similar. That's all.

6. He said I had a good complexion
This made me raged. I swear! I pride myself in ensuring that my skin does not break out that easily and I know my skin has not been at its best lately but to say I have a good complexion?!?! It's like telling a blind man that he's not blind! Ugh. I love to be praised, trust me, but not this way. It's either he's delusional or he just wants my money. 

So after his whole talk, he asked if I had 100bucks in hand or in my bank account. I told him I did not bring much money out when I go to school, so he finally gave up and said to visit his website where his contact number can be found. Will I call him? No. Did he wasted my time? Definitely. To think I would throw in 100bucks and let you make me a "megastar"? You must be shitting balls! 


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Highlights of 2011

As usual, time passes us by unknowingly and we're at the tail end of 2011! I must say 2011 has brought me lots of happiness and it helped redefine the meaning of life to me. Of course there were the occasional inevitable days where I just feel down but those do not outweigh the amount of love I've gotten from my loved one, my dearest friends and my family. It definitely was not smooth-sailing but it sure was worth the ride.

Some moments in my life that I think are more prominent in year 2011 was my 6 months attachment at Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, which wasn't my choice but even then, I loved working there. Also, I failed my driver's license test, which made me cried like some baby. Somehow all the bad events that happened to me are rejection-based. Talk about tough love.

Of course, I didn't forget how happy I was when love brought me to the Zoo and Night Safari on my birthday, the amount of well wishes I received, the gifts that were showered on me, the surprise, the chalet with love, the 3 days 2 nights cruise on Royal Caribbean and the mere fact that I still have two of the bestest friends in the world.

As of now, I am looking forward to pass my next driving test and Canada trip on 17th! Till then, I should be posting more often! :)